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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Customer happiness
In addition to the suggestions and requests submitted to us, complaints are tried to be solved by examining the same diligence. Transactions carried out in this process will be transferred to the customer in the same way and information will be given. The customer is always entitled to receive information regarding his / her proposal, request or complaint.

You can use the reliable online payment or Money Transfer / EFT option on our site to sell on the diagnostic devices. We do not have a door-to-door service.

Product Delivery and Shipping
Your orders are being prepared for shipping on the same day during working hours. Our priority is to send a tested product for you to have trouble with the sale of the fault detection device. Orders placed during the holidays are sent within the first active working hours.

Sends and sends all tests by the relevant employee prior to shipping. Products are shipped by our contracted counterpart. Shipping fee payment varies according to the product in the basket. During the final payment process, the customer can inquire about it. The cargoes are tested and sent carefully by the employee.

You should remember to check the package when picking up from the cargo company. It is necessary to keep a record of the damaged goods with the cargo officer. It is not possible to assist the cargo officer in situations where no action has been taken.

You have the chance to get information about the future by checking the device with the tracking number.

The packages are sent directly by the cargo company which is contracted by us unless the customer specifically specifies a shipping company. If we ship with our own contracted cargo, the shipping charges you have to pay are at the lowest price.

Warranty and Technical Service
Our products are guaranteed by the manufacturer for 1 year. In addition to the support provided by the remote connection, our own technical service department also provides direct service. Our technical service staff will help you to solve your problem in the shortest possible time. As our priority is customer satisfaction and time saving, remote connection tries to be assisted by remote connection if possible.

Return and Exchange Terms
You have the right to return and exchange within 7 days for purchased defect detection devices and other products. In case of return and exchange, the products should not have any deformation. Deformed products are not covered by return and exchange. All products sent for return, exchange and technical service are required to be sent by the buyer. Deliveries which are sent without paying the cargo fee are not taken as a direct refund.

Distance Sales Agreement
The customer concerned with the products ordered is deemed to have accepted the distance sales contract in the link below.

Click here for the contract.